WTF is Sugaring Hair Removal?

by Sugarlissa – Updated 12-18-2019 – Sugaring 101

What is this Sugaring stuff anyway?

Sugaring is a Ball!

Sugaring 101

In my 20 years in the business, Hair Removal and skin care has completely transformed. From something we suffered through, or endure, to something we can LOVE. When I first laid eyes on sugaring I was shocked that we had been all waxing! Sugaring is something old, something borrowed and something truly worthwhile. Sugaring is dated to be at least as old as the pyramids, as an American sugaring is borrowed from Arabic countries. Sugaring is above else the best way to remove hair. Lets chat about why!


Deeee, Pillll, a, tion….. Say it with me. Shaving is dated back to the cavemen era, or to prehistoric times! Are you still shaving? Are you?Like a cave-person? Yes, women can be cave people too. According to many books on ancient Egypt and cultures, Sugaring has been around a long time.

So WTF is Sugaring Hair Removal?

Sugarlissa’s thought – Sugaring Paste is made from boiling Sugar and an Acid up to a high heat to break down the natural crystallization of the sugar crystal molecule. The Paste is applied at room temperature, is organic, sustainable, hypoallergenic and safer than waxing. The Paste sticks to the hair follicle and is removed without damaging live skin cells, and is absolutely gentler than waxing.

Sugaring can be applied to your face to where the sun don’t shine, from bikini to legs. So How exactly does it work? Welp… Fist we gotta make it! Or you can roll the dice and order it. But I love the DIY lifestyle, I make everything.

POT of Sugar!

You need a candy thermometer to make sugaring paste properly. Please spend the $10 at Walmart or whatever to do it right if you want to teach yourself. And then you can start making Marshmallow and other awesome sugary products with your Therm! Okay basic recipe:

Quick DIY Sugaring

Sugaring Paste

2 cups granulated Sugar (400 grams)

1/4 Cup Lemon Juice

1 Tablespoon Water

The basic recipe is to mix ingredients in a large pot, obviously, (the sugar boiling doubles in size vertically, not so obviously) and boil the sugar paste to 260-270 degrees. Let it cool to room temperature before using as it is MOLTEN LAVA and can give you like 6th degree burns. If thats a thing, I don’t know the burning scale. But it bad. BAD!

Apply the sugaring Paste! Okay, so yes, you can technically apply the sugaring paste to your own skin. But I have trained professionals, I mean people that have waxed for years. And THEY have a hard time learning this technique. It’s not for everyone, and does take a lot of practice to be excellent or even proficient at. SO just be warned.

So you apply the sugar paste with gloves on in the opposite direction of you skin. About an inch wide and a few inch long.

apply with control and small strip

Then you pull quickly parallel to your skin to remove the sugar and the hair. Now some sugaring girls will “rake” three times over before but the more experienced or lazy idk, will just do it once with good results. Whats thats saying? To find the best way to do something give the task to the laziest person in the room? You should check out my blog, which isn’t finished yet, lol. Don’t! Stop!

The finished result of Sugaring, is hairless and healthy skin. From week one-two your pretty hairless, week three hair starts to creep in in, and by week four/five your ready for another go! So you book monthly and roll from there.

The benefits of Sugaring (pros)

I know I’m selling something, but I swear on my love of Captain Janeway that sugaring is legit.

Best things about Sugaring!

  • Sugaring is faster than waxing, there is no back and forth from the wax pot, blowing on the stick. The Sugaring professional will use the sugar paste ball in hand, the entire time they are doing the service.
  • Sugar paste is not ever hot, if it is, GTFO of their! Thats not sugar!
  • Sugaring is water soluble and Sustainable AF! Think of all the water you are saving and precious time from the daily shaving.
  • Sugaring makes your hair grow in less hairy, so the more you sugar the less hair you have.

The Bummer about sugaring (CONS)

Worst things about sugaring!

  • Sugaring is more expensive than shaving or waxing. But if you factor in the time saving, and find a affordable place woo!
  • A bad Sugar-er can ruin your experience. If the Brazilian is taking over 30 mins your probably being used as practice. Get out of there! Make sure you see someone with experience.
  • Sugaring is not everywhere yet! (Sugarlissa’s sugar videos coming soon)
  • You have to be okay with soft fuzz that last week before your next appointment. (So much better than the prickles from shaving)
  • DIY Sugaring can be a hard learning curve. It takes some time to be great at anything!

How should you prepare for sugaring?

Before you get sugared! How to prepare.

Skin prep for sugaring?

No oils or lotion please! It’s best to not put any lotion on at least 24 hours prior to your sugaring service.

Hair length for sugaring?

Usually a week of growth or so, we say about 1/4 an inch. But y’all sometimes are bad at numbers, so lets also say about half the length of a dime. Or if your fingers can pinch the hair the sugar can grab them. I do this sometimes to my hairy Italian girl mustache as I contemplate the universe.


But on your legs hairs can take months to grow and its best to just sugar it in sessions to get it on a good sugaring growth schedule. It can take two to three weeks to have completely bare legs. But were talking about like 2% percent of short small hairs maybe.

See all those gross little hairs? I LOVE them

Sugaring less painful than waxing?

Yes, absolutely. If you don’t think so then you are biased or you have had a bad sugarer. I know sugaring is less painful for one reason. It sticks to your hair but not your live skin cells. When I first saw this, my jaw hit the floor. I even recommend sugaring to be done by a professional if you have used retinol, glycolic acids, acne medications, rashes, mild sunburn. Sugaring is very gentle and safe when done correctly. Clients of mine that have waxed are astounded by the pain difference.

After your Sugaring Service

Were talking about two things here. Brazilian care, which boarders on Vagina care. And other body parts sugaring aftercare.

Vagina! Okay so don’t put weird stuff in your “gina”. I personally have my clients use Aloe one their private parts. I am using a water based product, so use a water based moisturizer. When you exfoliate which happens when you sugar you are taking a bit pf the top skin off. Dead dry skin, yes, but dead skin has a purpose on our bodies, It acts as a buffer from the sun and elements. Thats why if your using an acid like glycolic or retinol they say avoid the sun. Because your dermis is thin.

All this time I was thin! Ha! okay so water based moistureizer.

Second big big thing! NO FREAKING HOT TUBS! Like I don’t go into hot tubs anyway, its a lupus heat thing. But they are filled with nasty bacteria. Doctors and nurses generally will not go into them like ever! Many rashes and grows of the dreaded folliculitis are from hot tubs. I write a whole blog about what public pools can do to your skin. Also, for my beach people, I recommend to surf at your own risk. The ocean is also a bacteria filled well…Ocean. Just 24 hours!

Exfoliation (say it slow now)

I think I am in loves with words that have the “TION” at the end, super fun. When you sugar its important to use a few choice products. For different things. I have had 20 years doing this and I am Italian, so let me just swear on Captain Janeway again that these products work! (when used correctly)


PFB Vanish is the industry standard for ingrown hair removal. If your esthetician is not using this, he/she cray. Thats my argument. CRAY.

Tea Tree Wash for FOLLICULITIS

You got Folliculitis? Everyone kind of does. There are natural bacterias in our skin that get out of control sometimes. Years of shaving can cause it. This stuff is magic, and I believe it is the Oregano Oil that makes it so special.

How much should sugaring cost?

The price of hair removal has changed drastically since I started doing it basically in the 90’s, okay it was 2002 but still… long time.

Sugaring should cost about $50-70 per half hour.

Legs take about an hour, so you can judge a places prices by what they charge for legs. Really this is about location. The better the sugarer the lower her prices because they are generally fast.

So how do I find a good Sugaring professional?

I really recommend finding someone who is there shop. Small based professionals are always gonna be the best at what they do because of the pay structure of the industry. Back in the day, Estheticians would make a FAT percentage on what they did. But now places pay them hourly usually minimum wage and keep the money for them selves. Most of these folks are unhappy and underpaid. Just visit any “blah blah w-x center$” to see what I am talking about.

Find a small personal owned business. You will more likely find good deals like my place in San Clemente, CA. Or you will find happy folks! either way its the best way women can support other women! Or like my male clients, humans supporting local owned business! Just melt my heart talking about this. Shop Local! Sugar Local!

Sugaring Paste

<3 Sugarlissa