First Timer Guide to Brazilians!

First timer guide to Brazilians!

How long should your hair be?

Hair must be 1/4 inch long at least, 1/2 is PERFECT! Usually about  two weeks of growth. If your hair is too short you will still be charged for the appointment.

How long does it last?

You sugaring session should eliminate hair for a solid two weeks, then your hair will start to grow back in between the third and fourth week after your service. Some people need to only get sugared every five weeks due to the hair slowing down in growth from sugaring. 

Does Sugaring stop the hair from growing eventually?

Yes, Sugaring slows down the growth and makes the hair grow back smother and thinner. How often do you need to get it done?
Usually every 4-5 weeks. 

We have monthly sugaring Deals!

$50 for monthly Brazilians is my favorite.

Brazilian Info

How long will this take?

—- First timers can take up to an 35 mins. Because of all the screaming. Just kidding! Pain is to be expected though! Just less than waxing


—- First time clients take longer! Its just a hard thing to do. You show up, shake hands with your sugar expert. Then you show this stranger your private parts. It’s not exactly fun. But we are experts, so it’s like another day at the butt hole office for us.  

Pain is not beauty, but pain is part of life, and you got this!

—- Sugaring is the least painful way to remove hair, but you are still removing hair. So even if a Hemsworth brother was waxing you, it would not be pain free. It’s best to expect the worst, so it won’t be that bad. It’s really not that bad though.


Ovulation? What?

—- It is not advised that you get your first Sugaring when you are ovulating! You ovulate 12 days after your period starts. Your body is more sensitive and the pain is doubled. DOUBLED.
Please do not come when you are ovulating! If your period was last week, your ovulating.


—– The best times to get your first sugar is, right before your period and the day after. You can even get sugared on your period, just wear a diva cup or a tampon. Just not when your ovulating!

Why do people do Brazilians this? Are they Crazy?

—– It gets better!! Ask your pals, first time Brazilian and regular monthly Brazilians are very different. People who have bad results waxing or shaving find Sugaring. If your here its meant to be!
It hurts 80% less when you sugar again in a month after your first sugar session. Ask your friends they will agree!