Dry Brushing

Use it dry, I’ll tell you why.

Having the right tools to exfoliate the skin makes all the diffrence. Take this brush, a simple common bristle brush that is sold in almost every store. Most people would think that this corse brush would only be used in the shower or on the back on wet skin. But in fact is amazing on dry skin. 

You skin holds together as it is made of Keratin. The same substance that forms nails, hair, and even horse hooves. Strong amazing stuff. The top layer of Keritin, or more correctly called the keratinocytes, gently pushes away dead skin cells from the strong dermis. This process has a complete turn over in about a month. So new beautiful skin can be easily coaxed in about a month. Any sort of exfoliation should show effects within that time. It is my understanding that the quicker you exfoliate, the quicker your new skin can move on in.   

 think of your dry skin cells as creating a dust on your outer shell. A dust that is stuck to itself in a cosmic attraction to life. The dead skin cells on your body shed every Even when you dust throughout the house you dusting up dead skin cells. Would you use a dry or wet towel to dust? Well, most of our common dusters are made of clingy material that is structured to attract particles.  So that you are not just moving dust around the house. But