My name is Carlissa, or Carly, or sometimes Sugarlissa… Call me what you want, I am just happy to be here, (and to Sugar the world). I have been an Esthetician/Waxer since I was sixteen. Well, I had to wait a three months until I turned seventeen to take my State Boards but still… It’s been a while. Ten years of a job I love  has brought me many blessings. Making people comfortable, hairless, and doing it right has made me very proficient at what I do. I never really liked facials, or makeup, and considered myself more of a tomboy growing up. I only even went to beauty school because I was bored. I really wanted to pre sue nursing or some kind of care to help others. As a young person afflicted with an Auto-Immune disease at twenty-five, it changes you. Life changes you. You simply plan for one thing to happen, then something else happens. This made me care a little more about the world I live in and the place I take in it. This is where my heart is with establishing the Sugaring Studio.  Like I said I was a waxer (esthetician) for over ten years, but only found my true passion when I found Sugaring. So with the help and support from my family the Sugaring Studio was born.

It's not just about Sugaring, it's about believing in what we are doing!

​​Sugaring is so amazing and different from waxing that my jaw hit the floor when I first saw it. I am not going to go on, and on…. about it, just promise me something. If you’re taking the time to read this, try it! Try Sugaring! Or at least watch my little video, and see why you will …

Kiss Waxing Goodbye! ​

I had been a victim of wax myself for years, and had the scars from ingrown hairs to prove it! Gross! But after my first service I was strongly converted to the ways of the Sugar. Wax just grabs the skin, that’s essentially what it is doing. Wax just as a side effect takes your hair with it, as its removing your skin! Ouch! I’m very blessed to have a product and service that I believe in like Sugaring. I hope you come in and see why, I, and many others are loving the Sugar high!

For those not in the Beauty Biz, I’ll give you a classic rundown of how an amazing industry went sour. As many things have changed through the economic recession, some of the pay structure of hard working individuals has dropped significantly. But in the beauty business its special, and a strange corporate shift happened. It is partially due to big conglomerate waxing companies, that take away our ability to survive on our profession. They have come into a venerable profession, of men and women simply trying to feed their children. Years ago when I started in this industry, women and men made a decent living on there services. They were respected and paid based on the quality of there services they provided. So the house (Spa) would get half of the service price to pay for product and rent. While the hard working individual would make a proper wage to bring home to his or her family.

In the past six years or so there has been a drastic shift of power. Now we have a surrendering of our wallets and ethics to make a quick buck for someone else. These mass producers that peddle an awful wax product, or dishonest Fu-Fu product line. Offer cheap services, and at even cheaper payment rates for there workers. They teach estheticians to lie, to “up-sell magic bottles”.  Selling these magic bottles of potions that apparently do everything for your looks except call all of you’re admiring suitors back.

I’m sick enough to know I’m sick of it!

Well, not to be redundant, but I was sick of it! I’m not lying for a living! I and I’m finding that throughout my journey, there are plenty of other hard working professionals, that don’t want to lie either. Not while there is so much great truth out there. Not while skin care elements like Coconut Oils, and Bentonite Clay exist on the market.  That do amazing things at inexpensive prices!

The true value in what we do is in our services, in our skill, our knowledge and our hearts. Sugaring is an Art, and either you can draw a unicorn or you can’t! I think the public can tell the difference, and that’s what I’m betting our success on.  I believe that honesty, truth, and knowledge is the key to being successful. That we can form a team together, conquer these corporations, and take back our industry!

The people in this Sugaring profession are amazing to me, and I’m proud to be one of them as we work as a team together. 

I learned about the shortage of ethics very early in my career. My mentor brought me into her Spa when I was seventeen. She taught me how to do amazing services for amazing clients. She was a single Mom who took care of her three kids and worked full time as an Esthetician. One of her kids being my best friend growing up, I got to witness her hard work support to her family. This was my first job, and my first real experience of witnessing people taking advantage of others. I was working there one month when the boss pulled me into the office. My employer had just bought the Spa from two previous owners that had to sell it due to an illness. She came in, wanting a fortune and treated everyone like dirt. Starting with firing my mentor, and manipulating me. They  pulled me int the office and told me they were going to fire her, and that I was getting promoted. At a much lower rate I should mention. I was nervous, it was my first job! I was so afraid and kept quite, letting my friend go through a horrible situation with no warning. This was the days before texting I might add, but still a bad decision. I choose to keep a bad paying, dishonest job, over being true to a dear friend. Eventually I had to quit anyway, due to my Mother sick in the hospital. They would not relive me, and told me what was more important? My job or taking care of my ill Mom? Well, Mom won, and a few months later the Evil succubus lost the business and hopefully everything, in a turn of re joyful karma. ​
Little did I know that decision would shape my world forever. My mentor forgave me for not warning her of the bosses evil plans. She showed me that day what grace was, what humility was, and how to get back on your feet. She was working for herself by the end of the month and now owns her own Spa. But my feelings of the industry was forever tarnished. I thought to myself, that if I ever am in a position to change the way practitioners are treated that I would. ​
So lets take the fear out of the industry.


My first idea was to find a great big building and just be Sugaring Studio. Of course that didn’t happen, but I’m so glad that it didn’t! I found that we can create the same feel, and offer the same great services having our locations inside other Spa’s and Wellness centers. More people can join the gang, and create something of their own in doing this.

Sugaring Studio makes a place, where good talented people can come to work. Build relationships with amazing clients, and get treated like they own the place. Because they will! All Sugaring Studio employees will eventually be partners in the business. They will be able to go open a Sugaring Studio anywhere in the US, have incredible support, by a team that really puts the needs of all above the needs of a few. This is a concept idea, but I think it’s a great one. Even if we only have a couple of locations. We are making a statement that hopefully can change the industry one Sugaring Service at a time. When you go get pampered, go to the Mom and Pop Spa if you can. Make sure your Esthetician’s are properly certified in what they are doing. Remember, that coming to the Sugaring is helping a person build a life for themselves and their family.

Lets create a safe, happy and prosperous place to make people beautiful! No stress, just skill in doing something we love. I have faith that we can do it! So thank you for reading my little story, for now you are a part of it.