What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is being called the “sweet” new way to remove hair. Although the trend is new, this ancient Egyptian practice can be dated back to 1900 BC. Sugaring is becoming very popular in Western culture as a very safe, economical, and convenient method of hair removal. Using all natural ingredients water, sugar and lemon juice, Sugaring is kinder to the skin than waxing. ​

sugar + water + lemon

​Be careful of those offering “sugaring” and using a chemical based sugaring paste or gel. We only use all natural, organic Sugaring products. We make it!

Using only gloves, and one piece of sugar paste, Professional Sugaring is sanitary and green – no strips, no sticks, no double dipping into a jar!

Sugar will not adhere to skin cells, only the hair. When the sugar is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving clean, soft skin.

Why you will never wax again

Hot wax is applied in the direction of growth and ripped off the opposite direction. Sugar is applied at slightly above room temperature in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed with the direction of hair. When the hair is removed in the natural direction it grows, it is easier to remove and it is less painful. The hair follicle is less agitated decreasing the chance of ingrown hairs.

Over Time with consistent sugaring, hairs will refine and diminish as the hair follicle dies.

Just add water!

No more sticky skin that is red, no more soreness for hours. Wax is petroleum based and can be difficult to clean after your treatment. Sugar is water soluble and easily cleaned up with water.